About Us

Stimulating intellectual curiosity in our next generations

EduExplorers Mission

To inspire curiosity, creativity, innovation in our younger growing minds by bringing world experiences closer to them is at the heart of the mission of EduExplorers.  EduExplorers is an educational travel organization with an endeavor to develop 21st century skills by providing a platform for holistic experiential learning. We aim to provide students an opportunity to explore, experience, reflect and experiment.  Our programs are specially curated to give all students an opportunity to take initiative, make decisions, be accountable for the results that in turn build on key skills of reflection, critical analysis & synthesis. A wide variety of activities are incorporated in a program to ensure opportunities for students to engage intellectually, emotionally, socially, creatively & physically. 

Experiential Learning90%
21st Century Skills100%
Out of Classroom Learning85%
Customized Global Engagements90%

Our Partnerships

We have partnered with The Explorers Lab to offer student travel experiences built on the same principles and themes as ours. In partnership, EduExplorers and The Explorers Lab have curated programs to develop tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Global Citizens through three key elements 1) Immersive real-world experiences 2) Engagement with industry experts in their domain 3) Pedagogic delivery in a boundary less learning space.

We have achieved this by collaborating with the leading educational universities and top world organizations  to better prepare students with the future skills in the fast changing global landscape. 

Our Programs

Our Programs span over a wide range of experiences: 
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Design & Technology
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Global Citizenship & Community Service
  • History & Geography
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Modern Foreign Language
  • Performing Arts & Music
  • Science & Technology
  • Sports & Adventure
  • Student Exchange


Global Experience

Partnerships & collaborations across 25+ countries

Curated Programs

Focused programs to provide maximum learning impact on a theme

Safety First

Rigorous evaluation of programs & teachers at a chaperone ratio of 1:10

Best Price Guarantee

Affordable programs priced with fully loaded inclusions